“There’s no more doubt.
The sources for the folklore will never cease.”

Boris Nacovski
Journalist in Radio Bitola

The National Festival for folk songs and dances “Ilindenski denovi” in the course of its 40 years existence and activity and has shown and proved that it is not an incidental event but it’s a cultural process which is necessary as a significant ring in the continuity of the existence of the traditional cultural values.

It’s establishment is in fact establishing a system for saving and presenting of traditional cultural values.
A system which is made like that which can function effectively and generate continuity in a way which is needed to our traditional values

The time in which we live in carries new criteria for scene presentations, new media solutions, new marketing tools, new ways for development.

The festival needs to implement a new vision that will incorporate within itself the values of the past four decades of existence and the new standards, criteria, and norms of presentations.
Apart from that, the festival should produce new cadres who will bring freshness and progress, to create lobby groups of the newly educated ethnologists will be willing to fight for better financial treatment of the festival with their professionalism and competitiveness and better treatment of the folklore amateurism in Macedonia at all.

Женска пеачка група с. Склаве, Бугарија (2008 год.)
Women’s Group Singer v. Sklave, Bulgaria (2008)

The initiators, cultural activists who established the festival, as well as all other who with their activity have brought the festival to this level have secured their place in history.
It’s time for the new generations of professional people, enthusiasts, folk culture lovers, based on the foundations with their modern vision to continue and upgrade the National festival for folk songs and dances “Ilindenski denovi“ Bitola.

The sources of the folklore will never cease, we are obliged to cherish them with drops of true values which arise from the dammars to give drink to the next generations as the juice of life goes from the roots to the flowers.