“The folk tradition has a value if people can feel it deeply.”


Every man, all people express its entity through its habits, customs, its creations in deferent segments of life. Getting to know oneself and the nature that surrounds him/her, man creates, changes, develops oneself. Staying true to its customs, habits, the spirit of the ancestors man builds the tradition to which he is deeply emotionally attached. That tradition is an immense treasure in world civilization courses.

“As the tree is attached to the ground with the root people are attached to its own and its ancestors’ believes.”


Tradicija - Ilindenski denovi

In order to express the authentic spiritual anxiety, Macedonian people for centuries created their own traditional values that depict life, habits, customs, and identity.

Every segment of people’s tradition whether it is a folk dance, a song, a word, an embroidery work, or a national costume has its history, motive, purpose and goal. The tread which connects, characterizes, separates and adds authenticity and uniqueness in the world civilization treasury of traditional values, arises from the beat, the spirit of the people who had created them, saved and cherished these values.
Time and historical events through which Macedonian tradition has profligate has burdened people’s lives with slavery, denying, attaching and repressing. All this lead for the family to be the creative nest, the settlement, the village to become educational hot spots while the celebrations, the rituals, the customs, the way, the place and time for presentation. In such conditions, numerous known and unknown artists have created traditional spiritual and material values which depict Macedonian life and the creative spirit of the Macedonian people.

Within this creative process, the folk creation all its forms and the tradition were the key factors in building the national consciousness Macedonian people. From the birth, childhoods, youth, forming a family until, the process of work until death, the Macedonian man is in deep indissoluble connection with the spiritual and material popular creation and tradition which lead, guide, educate, build and encourage the people to create. It helped for the high artistic development in different segments of the Macedonian folk culture and tradition which have a significant place in the mosaic of the world civilization values.

Битолска старска група Оро “Чифте чамче” Каталог “Фестивали на народни песни и игри” Битола - Штип (11.10.1947 год.)
Bitola aged group
Folk-dance “Chifte Chamche”
Catalog “Festivals of folk songs and dance”
Bitola – Shtip (11.10.1947)