“In the conditions of today, the blooming of our national culture, the collecting, the saving and further development of our popular creation is a general, state task – a task for all people.”

Kole Cashule


Considering the need of a new step in the perseverance of the existence of the true traditional cultural values, group of enthusiasts from Bitola and other parts of Macedonia set a sparkle of hope, they opened a new path through an initiative to form the National Festival for folk songs and dances “Ilindenski denovi” in Bitola.

“Not so long ago in 1971 a group of worried enthusiasts and experts had decided to renew the springheads of the folk beat – the folklore, folk songs and dances the customs and folk instruments from all the ethnical areas in Macedonia.”

Goga Nikolovski,
The first president of the Council of the Managerial Board
“Ilindenski denovi” Bitola