“Apart from the scene presentation of our rich popular culture and folklore, it is also necessary to be an inspiration for the overall works especially with younger population.”

Kiril Tancevski,MA
10th Art exhibition catalogue
UNK “Ilindenski denovi”, 1984

The creativity of the young artist has turned every Macedonian house into an artistic workshop. The national costumes, the embroidery works, the handmade objects, the wood, the metal, the jewellery, the tools, and the instruments they carry with them the creative impulses of the people who created them.

In order for popular culture to represent an inspiration for the new generations in the framework of the festival “Ilindenski denovi” there have been established numerous supplementary events which open new pages in the development of culture.

Apart from numerous exhibitions of folk costumes and folk embroidery works by its originality and mission we would emphasis the National Exhibition of handmade pieces motivated by the folklore and popular culture which in 1983 in several editions and presentations has shown the greatness of the creative potential and has opened opportunities for upgrade, affirmation and new practical approach to handmade works, oriented to manufacturing authentic souvenirs from our region.

“Children’s gaze, pure pupils, children’s naivety in choices they make, finds the connection with the motive and by that establishes a genetic and synthesis of the important characteristics of our cultural tradition and modernity.”

Tome Momirovski
3rd National children’s art exhibition
UNK “Ilindenski denovi” Bitola, 1977

КУД “Вардар” Гринџила, Австралија (1978 год.)
CAS “Vardar” Grindzhila, Australia (1978)

Created to inspire, educate, orient and save a certain artistic identity, the National exhibition of children’s art works “Folk culture as an inspiration in my works”, has been established in 1975 and almost 35 years is a mirror of the creative sense of children artworks. The analysis that in the past period over 30.000 children from Republic of Macedonia have made their artworks which roots are deeply in the traditional cultural values while the flowers are in the present and walk towards future is a sure sign that the exhibition has achieved certain creative continuity and has realized its mission.