“The irreplaceable cultural mission which is pulled through this manifestation has made for the bigger part of the customs, the folk dances, the folk instruments and songs never to be forgotten. “

Mito Peovski – Former president of the Council of the festival

In order for an idea or a project to produce good results and realize the mission, to endure the strict criteria of time and value it is necessary to be based on firm foundations.

For over 40 years the National Festival for folk songs and dances “ Ilindenski denovi”, Bitola bases its activities and its mission through reaching further basic formulations:

  • Systematic research, saving, education, presentation and scene valorization of the autochthones, genuine contents and expressions from the rich spiritual and material cultural heritage;
  • Boosting, supporting and stimulation of people in their motherland or anywhere in the world to save and pass on the folk cultural values to the next generations.
  • Establishing a spiritual bridge with all world fans of the Macedonian and world cultural tradition.
  • Creating an attractive and representative scene for a professional and scientific study of the folk culture.

In order to enable systematic, professional, competent, and proficient realization and to enable conditions for continuous development of the festival, with Conclusion no. 01-4851/1 on July 9th 1973 of the Assembly of the municipality of Bitola, the festival grew to be an Institution of special social interest. As a director of the Institution M-r Kiril Tancevski nad been appointed.

After decades of successful work UNK “Ilindenski denovi” Bitola and the Home of the Culture, Bitola after the decision by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, no. 23-5574/1 from 22nd December 2003 Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no. 84/2003 they join and continue to work as a National Institution – Center for culture, Bitola.