“Ilindenski denovi” – the most representative scene in our country for presentation of the achievements of the original folklore of the Macedonian people and the ethnicities who live in Macedonia.”

Vladimir Dodovski
A journalist in “Bitolski vesnik”

КУД „Тернипе“ – Роми Битола (1981 г)
CAS ”Ternipe – Romi” Bitola (1981)

On Macedonian land in the past centuries, a mosaic of ethnicities has been founded which is a true heritage of traditional values. Almost for 40 years the festival is the place where besides Macedonians also the groups and ensembles of Albanians, Turks, Vlachs, Roma and all other representatives of ethnic communities who live in Republic of Macedonia promote their folk culture.

In the past 40 years around 127 such groups have been presented at the festival. All these varieties carrying multicultural values, give the festival a special dimension, a treasure, cultural diversity, beautiful colorfulness as well as a possibility for affirmation, interpersonal introduction, saving, comparison and upgrade.