Starting from the basic formations for gathering, evidencing, categorization and saving of the cultural heritage, all presented contents of the festival “Ilindenski denovi” is documented in an appropriate way and put into the archive as information, witness and a textbook for next generations.

АФ “Гоце Делчев” Битола (2007 год.)
AF “Goce Delchev” Bitola (2007)

That way a certain informative documentary center has been established within the frameworks of the Festival where videos, fono and photographical materials from all the festivals have been saved. The development of this center is a continual project which should be upgraded, modernized as much as it is possible to bring it closer to the interested ones.

The main purpose of this center is to save mate-rials from popular culture which in time and with the natural process of the change of generations in the folklore groups and ensembles can disappear very easily.