One of the main goals of the festival from its beginning to the present is to educate and to produce expert cadres who will have the main role in groups and ensembles development further on.

For that purpose, based on the foundations of the festival every year new advice are being made up and practiced by the experts from the groups and ensembles. Moreover, the complete process is being analyzed and elaborated, from the choosing of the topics, the research, the scene preparation to the presentation. As a result of such activity the contents are precisely thought over, they rationalise, they cultivate, and prepare, liberated from all the unnecessary repeat, inadequate dramatizations, pointless, decoration and upgrade.

Of the great number of counseling, professional presentations, round tables, by their expert educational knowledge I would emphasize the international educational gathering on the topic“ Folklore and ethnology of Bitola and Bitola region“, realized in 1980 by UNK “Ilinden-ski denovi” Bitola with collaboration with the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts, as well as the professional discussion “The folklore in the 21st century” realized in 2007.

“The seminar for traditional music and dance is a unique happening of this kind. It educates population who are amateurs and present traditional values of the Macedonian people.”

Vladimir Janevski, MA, UGD FMA – Shtip

КУД “Стив Наумов” Њукастел, Австралија (1981 г.)
CAS “Stiv Naumov“ Newcastle, Australia (1981)

In order to upgrade the educative activities, in 2009 a seminar for traditional music and dance has been established and it takes part during the festival is ongoing. The seminar enables a qualitative step further in the educative upgrade of the cadres who input creative efforts in their everyday work of the subjects of the area of the folklore amateurism. At the seminar, covering topics such as folk dances, songs, instruments, scene presentations, cultural management, and collaboration, is done through education, exchange of information, as well as adjusting and integrating in modern ways of presentation and organization with the intention to save the traditional cultural values.