People through time have implemented themselves in the creation of a unique, distinguishable folk culture in which the artistic creation there is the authentic genuine beat as a sign of authentic existence and independence, a fact which differs us from the world and its cultural and ethnological mosaic.

KUD Kitka Dracevo
CAS “Kitka“ – Drachevo, Skopje (1980)


Based on the civilization obligation this heritage that has been created for ages, in order to be saved and passed on to the next generations, the program and the concept of the National Festival for folk songs and dances “Ilindenski denovi” has been organized before all, to serve the original authentic folk culture, metrified through spiritual and material creation, of course with a possibility to be upgraded which is in a function to arouse the creative urge of the new generations whose artworks have been implemented and inspired from the roots of folk culture.
Starting from that general formulations the festival has opened the possibility for the presentation of genuine, authentic, and strictly selected and treated contents inspired by the original ones.
Moreover, since the beginning of the first festival the authentic vocal and instrumental music of all thematic genres as well as custom cycles, incorporating the urban folklore and tradition, performed solo or by a group have sounded in all its beauty and harmony.
The tradition of ring leaders decorated with all its characteristics and styles of the regions where the groups and ensembles come from, as a true revelation it verifies the forgotten rhythms and thus opens new horizons.

КУД “Бисери Славоније” Осијек, Хрватска (1980 год.)
CAS “Biseri Slavonije” Osijek, Croatia (1980)

Of the rich spiritual tradition of customs, wedding, Christmas, Easter, songs for the harvest, labor songs, and a whole mosaic of customs and rituals adjusted for scene presentations.

In the frameworks of all this, its significant place have found short genres, stories, mottos, etc. interpreted by extremely talented storytellers of the prose creation as was practiced in the tradition.

In order to canalize, direct and educate the con-temporary creative capacities, the festival leaves space for newly appointed, treated contents inspired by the original ones which showed as very productive and effective for new generations to participate in certain creative continuity.
The material cultural heritage is established in the festival scene through the criteria for r using authentic, genuine, complete folk costumes and inventory which has to be original by all its characteristics as well as the tradition.

This concept of the program is clearly and decidedly unique. in the propositions for taking part in the festival from the start, while during the years of continual existence it has been upgraded and more defined, which enabled the effective realization of the basic formulations of the festival.

In order for the concept to function better, the professional jury commission followed the performances of the bands and ensembles and awards the most successful ones.