“Years before me and my students belonging to all the nations of the world and especially with the ensemble “Biljana” from Tokyo. Japan we come to follow and learn something, very often at the festival stage to present part of Macedonian folklore.”

Atanas Kolarovski
a choreographer, Seattle, USA

КУД “Билјана” Токио, Јапонија (1995 г.)
КУД “Билјана” Токио, Јапонија (1995 г.)

The quality that has been produced at the festival has initiated large number of professionals popular culture lovers, folklore ensembles from all over the world, to come and follow and present their content. Such tendency has formed bridges of cooperation which enable affirmation of the Macedonian folklore throughout world cultural spaces, but an opportunity as well for internationalization of the festival.

КУД „Кочиќ“ Челарево, Србија (2002)
CAS “P. Kochik” Chelarevo, Serbia (2002)


For the past forty years in front of the broad festival auditorium and in front of the audience around 114 folklore groups and ensembles were able to present themselves. They belong to European and non-European people such as USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Moldova, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

“Folk dance” Њујорк, САД (1981)
“Folk dance” New York, USA (1981)

The performance of all these groups and ensem-bles of different people and ethnicities from all over the world, enable professional, culturological, comparative analysis of the popular culture and give opportunity for affirmation and establishing the Macedonian cultural code in the world cultural ensembles.